Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boys will be....Art Critics!

I am still laughing about a comment Halibut made the other day. He was looking at his sister's drawing of a house, trees, and flowers. I was across the room concentrating on something else. It got quiet, then I hear this, very serious comment from my son:

"Well, if I made that picture, I would put a bat right there, and a vampire over there, and a spider somewhere."

I just laughed and laughed thinking about how differently little boys and girls see the world and express themselves.

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Wow! We have a teenager in the house! It's hard to believe that our Starfish is turning thirteen already. Where did all the time go? It feels like she has always here, and that we haven't had her very long--all at the same time!

We have so many wonderful memories and so many plans for more!

Ahh, to be thirteen! New experiences (babysitting, your first PG-13 movie - yikes!), new opportunities and responsibilities, making your own choices, thinking about what you'd like to be when you grow up. So many exciting possibilities !

You are so fun, so smart, so great!
We love you!
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Party in the House!

Birthday season is in full swing around here - but we were a little partied-out on poor Orca's big day. It's hard to have your birthday right after Christmas! I can't believe she's nine already! Happy Birthday O!
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Argghh! Couldn't somebody have gotten a different flavor so I could have a taste? I just don't DO Mint Chocolate Chip!
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