Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being There

At least once a day I wonder what happened to the life I had once planned. This usually happens when I am sweeping floors or cleaning toilets. These rote household chores that require little brain power, allow my mind to wander back to a time that once was, and will never be again....

Once upon a time, I graduated Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, won a scholarship to law school, rubbed shoulders with judges, practiced law at a prestigious law firm, and negotiated important contracts and million dollar settlements, and, in my spare time, I advocated and represented abused children and others in need.

That was back when I felt accomplished, confident, .... in control. That was a really long time ago, but I still occasionally have the guilty fantasies of having lunch out, manicured nails, and, sshhh, my own office.

There is no question that I love being able to be home with my children. I love being the one they come to when they've had a bad day, or need help with homework, or, any of the thousands of things they need from me.

I am a problem solver. And I'm glad I can be here to help my kids with theirs.

But these last few months have taught me a lot:

Sometimes things go wrong that I just can't fix., problems that can't be solved. Sometimes I have to let go of being in control.

From Diabetes, Biliary Atresia, and Multiple Sclerosis, to stitches, fevers, stomache aches, and colds. Our family has had a lot to deal with lately.

I know I can't always keep my kids from getting sick. And I can't always make things all better.
Sometimes, the only thing I can do...the BEST thing I can do, is just BE THERE.
And that's enough.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Signs of Spring

A few of my favorite things about our North Carolina yard in March

~A Photo Essay

Crocuses - one of the first blooms of the year!

New Hydrangea leaves popping out from sad looking brown sticks- I LOVE my Hydrangea bushes and want a whole yard full of them(!) and I get so excited to see them come back to life..

Tulips - who doesn't love tulips?

New leaves on my Clematis vine that I bought super cheap and thought had died

Strawberry plants that I thought were a one shot deal - they came back... bonus!

Azalea buds - blooming azaleas make up for their straggliness the rest of the year!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I just couldn't help but get out there in the yard and get my hands dirty. I was just trying to clean up some of the winter-mess that happens during the cold yard-neglecting months--pine cones all over the place, fallen tree branches, various household debris, and mountains of pine straw.

So I grabbed the rake to remove the winter blanket of pine straw off the beds and was surprised to see all manner of life hiding under there. - So excited I had to grab the camera...
Last night the weather started getting cold again and I had to go around and shut all the windows, dang....but very early this morning I was awakened by a little girl concerned about her meowing cat - it wasn't too long before we had three new tiny kittens.

Spring is here!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bless His Little Preoccupied Heart

February flashback:
I had told him about it on the day it was first announced.
"Ok, sounds good, let's do that."
I brought it up several times in conversations about upcoming events over the next week and a half.
"Uh, huh."
That morning I reminded him, "Remember, be home by six, tonight's the night." "
Oh, yeah ok."
I sent a reminder email around mid-day.
no reply.
It was 5:30. I called his office, "Haven't you left yet?"
By the time he got home he was stressed and grouchy:
"I just don't like things sprung on me at the last minute!"
"Uh, huh."
I steered him to the front door and handed him our contribution to the evening's refreshments.
Then he saw these beauties:

The Valentines Day Daddy Daughter Dance...

I don't know exactly happened there while H-man and I were hangin' together at Chick-fil-a, but judging from the photos, I'm pretty sure the rest of the world melted away, and he just focused on his girls.
...getting him to email me the photos, however, took lots more nagging!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok, it wasn't immediately apparent that we would have this situation on that day when Big T and I were shopping at Target and decided that the girls needed these sport-pants. Well, actually it was more him than me - since he has more fashion savvy than I do. They were big and comfy - like sweats, but semi-waterproof and make that unmistakable "swish" when you walk...however, there was only one color available. He insisted - they needed them.

So we purchased one pair for each of our the same color. And, of course they became each girls' favorite article of clothing.


'Swishy Pants" are the perfect pants for playing in the snow. When Grouper couldn't find her pair of swishy pants, she just threw on the first available pair - and being the same ccolor - who would know? Until Orca found out that hers were being worn by her sister and a giant PANTS-FIGHT broke out.
I hope I never see the day when the teenage versions of these two are sweet on the same boy.
Finally, I guess they realized how much time they were wasting. someone compromised, and the two of them headed out to enjoy a
wintry-white no-school day... together.