Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grown-up kind of Party

We are well into 'Birthday Season', at the Fisher house. All of our birthdays are in the fall and winter months, one after another in rapid succession. So, in a six month period, we celebrate seven birthdays!

This coupled with the compaction of family holidays during those months makes it feel like wave after wave of 'celebration' around here!

Starfish decided that, this year for her birthday she just wanted to have a few friends go to a movie and have pizza afterward. "Perfect", I thought.
Last year, she had a big 'Nancy Drew" themed mystery party, complete with a crime scene and clues. I say it was last year, but it was really only about 6 months ago. Two parties a year? Lucky kid, right?

Well, since all our kids' birthdays are in the winter, (and also since our house is the size of a walnut) we decided to have 'half-birthday' parties at the pool. Worked great--until, it's six months later and I'm faced with another round of birthdays to celebrate...(hmm, didn't see that coming!)

So the movie idea was great, except the movie that she wanted to see wouldn't be opening until the night before the party and I couldn't find showtimes. So I guessed. Then it snowed, closing school for two days and she wasn't able to get her invitations out to all of her friends in a "timely fashion".

"What if no one can come?" she asked

"well, just have it next week." said I.

Apparently that was out of the question.

In the end, she ended up calling her friends on the phone rather than handing out invitations. Most already had plans, and so she relented and 'allowed' her siblings to be part of the party. Very mature, I think.

Not an Ordinary day.

Since she had finally turned eight, Orca was so excited to be able to join her big sisters at Achievement Night at the church. She had been waiting patiently, while her sisters participated in fun activities every other Wednesday night. Now, she would join that big group of giggling girls.

I just love seeing these sisters doing things together!

Then I realized that there were only two Wednesdays in their whole lives that they woul be doing this particular activity together. Only two, because Starfish would soon be turning twelve - and leaving primary behind (she can't wait!)
They think I'm corney for making a big deal out of it. Maybe one day they'll realize how fleeting these precious moments are. I am.

And so I grabbed my camera....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Congrats Mal

Congratulations, you did it!

We are very proud of Marlan for finishing her CNA program in December.
It wasn't easy, but you stuck it out. Way to go!

Next up: Licensing Exam...
PS. she's NOT holding up her certificate in this photo--that photo didn't turn out, unfortunatly (bad auditorium light)--but why she is displaying the menu from the celebratory dinner, I have no idea . . . I also have no idea why I took a photo of a fish menu . . .

Thursday, January 1, 2009