Friday, March 9, 2012

Love, Laugh, Listen

My girls at that weird 'in-between' stage:  moving out of the 'talk-my-head-off" stage and into the "don't-wanna-talk-about-it" stage.  I finally quit with the 20 questions and now, I just on put on music they like, share videos, especially comedian clips, etc.

They take off their headphones and listen.

Sometimes we just sit and listen together, sometimes we talk about the music or video.  Which sometimes leads to talking about other things.  We laugh more.  I have learned a lot.  There are so many musicians and comedians that we listen to (of course they have to pass the "mom-approved smell test'), but we probably play the Piano Guys every single day.  And our favorite funny guys: Julian Smith and John Pinette have us rolling every couple of days.   I owe them all big time!

Music is the universal language!

I have also found that even an eight year old has the capacity to enjoy classical music (over and over and over) when light sabers are involved!