Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not an Ordinary day.

Since she had finally turned eight, Orca was so excited to be able to join her big sisters at Achievement Night at the church. She had been waiting patiently, while her sisters participated in fun activities every other Wednesday night. Now, she would join that big group of giggling girls.

I just love seeing these sisters doing things together!

Then I realized that there were only two Wednesdays in their whole lives that they woul be doing this particular activity together. Only two, because Starfish would soon be turning twelve - and leaving primary behind (she can't wait!)
They think I'm corney for making a big deal out of it. Maybe one day they'll realize how fleeting these precious moments are. I am.

And so I grabbed my camera....

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Amy said...

They are growing so fast! Young womens leads to high school graduation in a heart beat...
Enjoy it, it is a wonderful time to watch your daughter turn into a young woman.
You are a good mom Kori, you inspire me.