Monday, April 13, 2009

Eggstraodinary People

I was not in the mood for boiling, dying, filling, hiding, or seeking eggs. Or for trying to keep track of the number of pounds of sugar my kids ingested in one day. Or for cooking up a special meal. In short - this year I was feeling decidedly Anti-Easter.

I won't go into all of the reasons why... probably had to do with being a virtual single parent for the past 3 months and tryingto solve too many big any rate, I couldn't muster the enthusiasm that Easter deserves.

Fortunately we have a couple of angels in our family who go by the names of Grandpa and Grandma Fisher. We accepted the invitation to come to their house to celebrate the day (even though I dreaded packing up the car and driving the 2 hours without Big-T). But we made it and actually had a good time in the car--snacks from Sonic helped...

I was able to help the kids decorate eggs without destroying my house (flashbacks of a past Easter's 6 egg dye cups spilled on a white carpet still haunt me). I was immediately grateful to avert a catastrophe. Plastic eggs were filled with pistachios, mini Ritz, and pretzles instead of candy.

The Sunday morning Sacrament program consisted of a beautiful aria by the choir and our Grandpa's thoughts on the Atonement. Reflection on the first Easter brought back the feelings that had been missing, and of course adjusted my perspective.

Annoyance at the additional work, mess, and expense turned to appreciation for this beautiful day to spend with these extraordinary people.

And gratitude (is there a word for 'beyond gratitude'?) for that momentous day so long ago that changed the world.

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