Friday, January 8, 2010

Giva a Little Bit

Who IS that girl? why it's our very own Gigi - fresh from getting 10 inches of her beautiful hair cut for donating to Locks of Love.

Ever since last year she had been planning on donating her hair as soon as it was long enough, so we had just gone in for a little trim. We thought that the organization that makes wigs for children had a minimum requirement for 12 inches for donation.

When she found out they would take 10 inches, she said "do it!" And she never flinched as all of her hair was bunched up and snipped. Unfortunately we won't be able to find out where it eventually finds its new home...privacy issues.

But being able to contribute something to help another child has been a valuable experience. What more can a person give than a part of themselves (literally!)?

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