Monday, January 24, 2011

Leftover Mom

I would venture to say that this post is actual proof of what I've been saying:  "When it comes to being frugal, I have no pride".  When I was growing up, I cannot say our family was poor.  In fact, we enjoyed a lot of luxuries other families didn't, like one of the first Apple Computers on the market (a pain in the butt to use) and a big- screen projection TV.  So I don't really know where my obsession with thriftiness came from.  But, I do remember that one of my fathers big issues was not wasting food.  Growing up in the depression-era, it's easy to figure out why he would have this hangup.

So here's the rundown of my culinary delights of the day (...or more precisely: "what I ate today shows exactly how we can afford piano and cello lessons, birthday parties, and new camping equipment"):


  • leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Halibut's lunch on Friday (it sat in his lunchbox over the weekend)
  • Herbal tea
    • last bit of microwave popcorn left from yesterday's afternoon movie
    • handful of 'Cap'n Crunch" that was left in the bottom of the box this morning
    • remainder of Starfish's bottled water that she took out of her lunchbox this morning  
      • Cream of Wheat cereal with leftover blackberry juice (someone ate all the berries and put the container back inthe fridge) and cream 
      • smoothie made from the last bit of orange juice and the banana from Halibut's lunchbox on Friday (it sat in there over the weekend and got overripe) 
      • remainder of apple the kids didn't take in their lunches 
        • glob of cookie dough from the cookies we made for this week's Great Cookie Project run

        Ok, I actually had my own food for dinner - not the remains of someone else's.  BUT, I did use some leftover rice from the fridge!

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