Friday, February 11, 2011

Profile Me

When trying to choose a "profile picture" for my Facebook page, I have a pretty hard time. For one, there aren't that many photos of me to choose from, simply because I am usually on the other side of the camera. Photos of me are usually 1) Christmas morning in pajamas, crazy hair, and dog tired form the nights' "festivities" - (ie. making sure Santa shows up and rummaging through all of our secret spaces hoping not to miss anything), or B). the 'hands' lighting the birthday candles during all the birthday parties we photograph. So, many times I just rely on a cartoon character, or a meaningful object to represent me..

And then there are all those shots of me from the side view - and face it, what woman, after bearing 5 kids, wants to be remembered by her actual profile??? I don't know what possesses my dear husband to take these photos from the side view!!!

I just stumbled upon this one in the remnants of some of last year's beach photos. I had never seen it before. (I take so many at the beach, that it's easy to miss a few!) I'm guessing Big T took it with his phone.

At any rate, this is the photo I think my kids would choose as representing "the real me": always bugging them to "smile" or "stay still" or "do that again". And since I've started photography classes, I can't just point, shoot, and depend on Photoshop to make my pictures look good.

So I'll be holding that camera in front of my face a lot more!!! These days, even if I can't always be at the beach, THIS is me.
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