Sunday, September 14, 2008

Budget Cuts

I'm really hoping this isn't the "Perfect" White Water Rafting trip that my husband promised me!

This will have to do for a while though, as it looks like Camp Fisher-Nantahala's budget has been cut by the Fisher Steering Committee. We had planned a second white water trip over Labor Day Weekend since I missed the first one. Alas, as the date approached, it became obvious that our budget would not support such a trip. Plus we are this close to paying off a lingering debt, (which is exciting in itself.) So, with that in mind, we headed off to Grampa's house in King, NC for a quick getaway instead of the rapids.. Thankfully, Grampa had planned to take our kids to Adventure Landing--primarily a putt putt golf and video arcade place--Big T and I tagged along. Lots of fun!
These boats were the highlight, though.
The ride was short, but being able to blast water jets at my husband and kids just for a few minutes was pretty satisfying, I'll admit...

I'm still sneaking that trip into next Fiscal Year's Budget, though!

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