Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, Here I go!

These are actually his own words. My littlest guppy has gone off to kindergarten this year. We were walking down the ramp to his classroom on the very first day and he realized the momentousness of it: "Well," he said, "here I go". I will never forget that moment.
It has taken me a whole month to post this because I still have mixed feelings. It feels like I've had a preschooler in my life forever. Always another little person to schedule my days around, to keep track of, to feed, to drag (reluctantly) along on errands, to play with and talk to... . Then all of a sudden it just...ended.

I didn't cry when I dropped him off, as Big Tuna predicted. Just watched a while through the glass. He was so happy to be starting this new phase of his life and I was happy for him. This is a journey he will be making without me.

Things will be different now. Not better or worse, just... different.

And I'm secretly thrilled when he asks me some mornings,
"Mommy, do I get to stay home today"?

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Amy said...

Wow, a big change for him and for you! Isn't the house quiet? You are right, it is a time you will not forget. Time will just continue to move faster and faster... sorry!