Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Feeling Squirrelish

Well, looks like the time has come. I can no longer ignore the need to organize, categorize, and inventory our food storage. Actually, we have been dipping into our food storage for quite some time now. We use the powdered milk, the oats, the sugar, the flour, the rice pretty much on a regular basis.
I just haven't really been thinking about restocking it as much as I should have been.
Until now, I haven't really been thinking about taking inventory to see just exactly what and how much we have left. We just added to it as the opportunity arose.
In fact, I was feeling pretty good about the fact that the space beneath my bed and my unusable shower was full of food storage. I felt like I could lay my hands on pretty much any staple I needed at any time. I've been a little laxidaisical about it because we've been in "temporary" mode for so long. My thinking was, why store all that food when we'll just have to move it sometime soon?
Last week, I gathered up all the food from its various hiding places and put it all together to see what we had in comparison to what is recommended.
Well, I'm not feeling comfortable any more. It seemed like so much more when it was scattered out all around the house.
So, now I'm feeling the need (not necessarily the desire) to fill every extra nook and cranny in my house with food storage. I'm dehydrating carrots raiding our savings to buy extra bags of flour and sugar. I'm really hoping that I'm not too late to be taking an intense interest in this.
Is it just me, or do my cheeks look puffy?


Amy said...

I am having Shelly come over next week to do a complete inventory with me of our food storage. It does always seem like more until you begin to lay it down on paper. Good job for pressing on with this. There is a reason it is on all our minds. When I see Kylea I keep bringing her the feminine products I had stored she used while at home... her cute newly wed husband said that if there is a flood in Logan they will be able to stop the flow with their supply! Ha ha!!
Keep storing!

Molly said...

I'm so behind on this. But I've gotten very excited about it since our "20 things I would not want to be without" activity earlier this year. And I'm slowly but surely working on it.

I don't think your cheeks look puffy, but I do think your lamp looks full. :)

Molly said...

BTW, it's not until just now that I realized that your title was "Feeling Squirrelish." I thought is said, "Feeding Squirrelfish."

Gina said...

Doesn't it feel so good to be preparing to be prepare! :)

Amy said...

Dear Kori,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I just talked to Mom and Dad.