Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kindergarden Nutrition 101

I recently had a lesson in what my kindergardener considers to be the ultimate lunch. It was so cute seeing that he had put together his own lunch when I wasn't looking, and then labeled it just like he had seen his sister do. . . (as if the Speed Racer lunch box didn't give it away). I was just going to snap this photo and move on, but then I got curious:

What did he put in there?

Apparently, my son believes that a Caprisun, a jello, a pudding, and half a pack of saltines will get his little body through the day's demands.

To be honest, if I was five, I'd think this was a pretty rockin' lunch, too....

Of course, I had to do a little 'food-editing' and I'm sure he was disappointed when he found the carrot sticks and apple in there instead of jello and crackers (the pudding stayed, ... what kind of mom would I be...)

Moving on, I relished a brief moment of pride on seeing evidence that my nutrition attempts have not been completely lost on my kids.

Orca put together this lovely lunch ensemble - waitng for its companion sandwich (on wheat bread) (sandwiches aren't added until the morning so they don't get stale or soggy). Not bad. Granola bars count as whole grains, right?

Now, if I could just figure out how to sneak a vegetable in there...

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