Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Berry Nice

On Memorial Day we talked about the gift of freedom, and the freedom to go and do whatever our hearts desire. And I found my heart's desire for that morning! Big Tuna really found a gem when he found this little farm. The weather was perfect for filling a few buckets (tummies too) full of gorgeous strawberries. The farm is just a short distance from our home and it is really something - at least to us 'cityfolk'! The rows went on forever and were full to the brim with plump, juicy fruit. We didn't have to look very hard for the good ones either--the hardest part was putting them in the basket instead of our mouths!

There were also all sorts of veggies-and all sorts of flowers for bouquets. I bought the biggest head of green leaf lettuce I've ever seen! The girls really hoped to be able to harvest an armload of those flowers, too!

Well, we got a surprise when we got them home - we didn't realize how many we had picked and were running out of things to do with them (I've never made jam in my life--not a big fan personally) We were running out of freezer and fridge space when Big Tuna had an epiphany - dehydrator! Our first attempt at fruit leather went pretty well - not as good as fresh berries, but, then again,... what is?

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Amy said...

What a fun find! The kids didn't even know they were "working"! How do you get your blog page so cute? When we come to NC, you will need to show me.
We are hoping for extremely good weather at the beach. Are you coming for the whole week?