Friday, May 23, 2008

What a blessing...

Lately H-man has been spending lots of time out in the garden with his dad. He digs and looks for worms--boy stuff. Dh has a huge plot tilled up and filled to the brim with tiny tomato, pepper, and been seedlings that hopefully will fill our kitchen with veggies this summer. Only problem is, once we got them in the ground we didn't have a chance to put up a deer fence since there has been so much rain. Without a deer fence (and chicken wire for squirrels) our poor plants don't stand a chance. The deer will mow them down before you can say "Awe cute, Bambi".
So, as I was helping my 5 year old say the evening family prayer, he came to a stop and I suggested "bless the garden". He repeated "bless the garbage" without a pause and the rest of us struggled to hold in our giggles until the end. Well, we are watching to see if maybe our garbage will not multiply as fast as it usually does. What a blessing that would be!

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Amy said...

I love the sweet, innocent comments of little kids when they pray. Blessing the garbage will be something that your family always remembers.