Saturday, October 24, 2009

People Should Smile More

One thing that struck me while riding miles and miles on trains and subways in New York was how people could be riding packed together at high speeds on these mass transit systems, yet insist on avoiding eye contact! I did an experiment to see how many people I could get to look me in the eye. Not many!

Also, and I know I am a bad example of this - but people really should smile more!! During our trip to the crowded Northeast, I realized how few of the thousands of people I saw were actually smiling. And I noticed that those who did smile, seemed so much nicer to be around than the rest.

I have to mention 'Oma', our new adopted Grandma from Germany. (Her real name is Doris, but she says "Call me Oma (that's what they call the grandmas in Germany). Now, we met Oma on our first full day at the Ronald McDonald House. She had been there 5 weeks with her great grandson Aiden, who was having heart surgery. Even though we were basically 'just passing each other' since she was leaving soon and we were just there for a very short stay, she took the time to talk to us, learn our names, and was just generally a joy to be around, and with her German accent, so fun to talk to!

The girls and I agreed that she looked a whole lot like their own 'Nannie', and she was so thrilled to hear that! She treated us like long lost family, and even though we spent very little time with her, the girls plan to keep in touch, and I am sure they will remember her.

Oma was such an example to me of the power of a smile, a happy countenance, and loving spirit that I decided that I would try really hard to be more like her....and smile more. : )

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