Monday, October 12, 2009


Starfish decided to run Cross Country during seventh grade way back at the beginning of sixth grade. I don't know what caused her to make this decision...our family isn't the most sport-oriented. It occurred to me that our kids might turn out a little weird - not having had the exposure to sports the way other kids are. No ball games dominate our TV - We don't really go to sporting events-although I am thinking we should.... And neither Big T or I played serious sports growing up--both being raised by cerebral "sciency" type fathers.

Wherever she got the notion, I am really proud of her for taking on the challenge. Of course there was the initial "self-conscious in the uniform" thing - I don't think she's ever worn shorts that short or a tank top before. Then there was the "I'll be embarrassed if I can't finish the race or come in last" thing. I sometimes forget that little things like that can seem like really big things to a quickly growing ,"all knees and elbows," preteen.

But it's more of a challenge for her than for other kids. She has to be aware of how she feels before, during, and after a practice or race. What's her blood sugar? When did she eat last? When and how much insulin has she had? Does she need to eat now before she runs? Does she have a snack nearby? Is someone there to help her if she needs it?...It's a little much for a 12 year old.

Well, she wasn't able to finish her first race, and she did come in last once, but she has been able to take it all in stride. Each race gets a little easier. She had decided that she wanted to participate in Cross Country before she had diabetes. I am so glad she didn't let it stop her, and hope it never will.

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Gina said...

It gave me goosebumps to read this! I am so excited for her and proud that despite a stumbling block, she knows she can still do it!
BTW--so glad you're back to blogging too! I miss you!