Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Even though we had a great time on our trip to Connecticut and New York, our travel arrangements were a real pain in the rear! It was a really powerful reminder to me of what can happen when one element of a great plan goes wrong.

I haven't even tried to add up the number of hours that Starfish, Gigi, and I spent waiting in an airport, train, or subway station . Let's just say, that the majority of the photos that we took for the trip were actually taken in one of those three places.

It all started when, just as we were boarding our first flight (at 7 am!) we realized that Sophie had forgotten her insulin. So we missed that flight and tried to get on any other flight. I learned never to fly on a Friday! EVERYTHING was booked solid! We ended up not getting to New Haven until 10 o'clock that night! (that's about 15 hours of flying and waiting)

On the way home, we were to catch an 8:05 am flight out of new York. I was pretty nervous about making it there on time, so I gave myself almost 3 hours to go the 60 miles. Well, I've never driven in New York at that time of day, and of course, we missed the flight (just barely!)

This led to the same chain of events - sitting, waiting, and hoping that the next flight would have 3 empty seats. We made it to Baltimore, but couldn't make it all the way to Raleigh until the next morning.

Fortunately Uncle Chad lives nearby and came to our rescue and took us to his house for the night. We enjoyed visiting with him, Laura, and their dogs and cats. (I'm so glad we didn't take the flight connecting in Chicago!)

The ideal caption for this photo would be: "Trying not to be Crabby in Maryland even though we got stuck here overnight with no luggage on poor Gracie's Birthday!!" but that's just a little too long, don't ya think?

We finally made it home, about 30 hours after we first set out on our journey. We learned that airport seating, when you can find it, is NOT that comfortable, and that moving walkways can provide a good hour of entertainment for 2 bored girls!

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