Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hi Ho Cherry-O

If you ever find yourself with a free weekend in the middle of June, I would highly recommend loading the kids up in the car with some snacks and books on tape and heading north, just across the Virginia border to Ayers Orchard. This is one of our favorite family getaways of the season.
Perhaps you can see why:

Two words: Climbing Trees!

The kids loved climbing up the huge ladder and shimmying down the branch as far as they could go to reach the furthest cherries. Seemed like there's always one that's bigger, plumper and more enticing just beyond your reach.
Me? I just love the cherries and seeing my happy kids.

Can you ever actually get tired of cherries? A week later we're still working on it!

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Amy said...

Your family is always doing such fun family activites! It looks like fun was had by all! Tomorrow is the last day of school and we are ready for a summer break...