Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Things I love about being at THE BEACH

20. having no schedule
19. spray-on sunscreen(!)
18. outdoor showers
17. leaving the Legos out on the floor all week
16. frog-eye salad and watermelon
15. happy chaos of cousins playing together
14. freckles!
13. watching the kids wave-jumping for hours
12. great new photo opps
11. wearing a swimsuit all day
10. marathon Monopoly games
9. "beach hair"
8. Crabcakes at Provisions
7. Soduko!
6. the sound of the
5. Naps
4. treasure hunting at shell island during low tide
3. digging in the sand with my toes
2. sunset walks on the beach
1. leaving the world behind for a while to just be with my


Gina said...

So...that's where you've been! I was wondering since I didn't see you on Sunday and then no posts this week. :)

Amy said...

Love the top 20 things about the beach! I am going to copy that idea on my blog... and I will credit you! I am feeling the first day home blues right now. It was a great week, the weather was the best I can remember! Haylie was not too happy to walk off to school - but we talked about all the fun she had last week with the cousins at the beach. She loves being one of the girls at the beach.
June 2009 is sooooo far away...