Monday, June 16, 2008

My favorite things about Beach Life Illustrated

Our Family. I was a little frustrated that this photo was taken so 'on the fly'. The one thing I really thought I wanted to get out of this week was a decent family photo. You know, the whole standard matching shirts deal. But look at us - I don't think I could have found more clashing outfits if I had tried - and check out the Spidey suit peeking out from Mr. Obsessive's shorts, and did anyone even comb their hair all day? Not me. As it turns out - this photo shoot was squeezed in at the last-minute among all of the activities that have become our beach traditions--pinata, shell contest, etc. - as "one more thing we've gotta do before we leave the beach"
... Not the way I planned it.
But this is us. We're happy. Our kids are happy. And in searching for the best of our vacation photos, I see that the best moments of being at the beach are always...unplanned.

Here are some more of my favorite beach moments.

Sunset walks with my sweetie ...
still in love after all this time


'Thee Special' at Provisions - grown-up dinner nite involves crabcakes, cucumber salad, steamed shrimp,... and a roll of paper towels on the table!
Putting it in writing

The View!

Endless waves
No schedules. Book in one hand, Fresca in the other. BT has assumed his beach position!

Cousins together for a week - the number of cousins in the photo has dwindled as they have grown up, gone on missions, gotten married (the first one this year!), gone off to college, been committed to jobs, or just moved too far away to make the trip every year. But they will all have these happy memories to hold on to forever.

Happy kids- I never get tired of seeing my kids enjoying the sun, sand, water...and having fun together.

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Gina said...

Kori, it may be mismatched, but I LOVE that picture! It's a classic that I'll bet you treasure forever. I love that everyone is in bright, happy beachy colors.