Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Boy

I've had several friends tell me lately, that my son "cracks them up"! I never really thought of him as a funny kid, because he doesn't really try to be. I fact, I think he's too serious for being five! However, sometimes he'll say things that are hilarious to me given the situation, and the way he does it in that serious way of his!

to me: I'm so Glad at you! (when I found my swimsuit after telling him I couldn't and would not be swimming with him).

Mommy, does my hair look awesome with this bump right here? (after combing his own hair for the first time on record)
turn it off! (referring to the sunlight coming into his room when I opened the blinds on the first day of school)
Get up lazybones, it's time to go to school! (this was funny because his sisters had been up a long time and were already on the bus by now when he was just rolling out of bed and he was now yelling into an empty room!)
and my favorite: Mommy, when I grow up I'll marry you!

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