Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heaven in a Spoon

The other day a friend asked how I had lost 10 pounds over the summer. I was explaining that it was mainly through "creative substitution", and I didn't really feel deprived or that I had even really been dieting.

I just made small changes in what I normally eat:

such as:

High fiber cereal or eggs instead of my usual toast w/ butter & jam and herb tea for breakfast.
Whole wheat bread for white
Dreamfields (or whole wheat) pasta for plain
Fruits & vggies instead of crackers, chips, etc. for snacks
Rice or veggie based dishes instead of creamy, cheesy, casseroles
you get the idea...

But then I got to the part where I switched out my usual ice cream indulgence for smoothies (which I adore, byt the way) and it made me start thinking about ice cream.

you know, I kind of did miss my ice cream. Just a little...

So today I bought this:
and tonight I am in heaven - even at 1/2 the fat, it's amazing.
Well, ...maybe not every night,

but sometimes,... if only on the inside,
we all scream for ice cream!

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