Thursday, March 12, 2009

Signs of Spring

A few of my favorite things about our North Carolina yard in March

~A Photo Essay

Crocuses - one of the first blooms of the year!

New Hydrangea leaves popping out from sad looking brown sticks- I LOVE my Hydrangea bushes and want a whole yard full of them(!) and I get so excited to see them come back to life..

Tulips - who doesn't love tulips?

New leaves on my Clematis vine that I bought super cheap and thought had died

Strawberry plants that I thought were a one shot deal - they came back... bonus!

Azalea buds - blooming azaleas make up for their straggliness the rest of the year!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, I just couldn't help but get out there in the yard and get my hands dirty. I was just trying to clean up some of the winter-mess that happens during the cold yard-neglecting months--pine cones all over the place, fallen tree branches, various household debris, and mountains of pine straw.

So I grabbed the rake to remove the winter blanket of pine straw off the beds and was surprised to see all manner of life hiding under there. - So excited I had to grab the camera...
Last night the weather started getting cold again and I had to go around and shut all the windows, dang....but very early this morning I was awakened by a little girl concerned about her meowing cat - it wasn't too long before we had three new tiny kittens.

Spring is here!

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