Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok, it wasn't immediately apparent that we would have this situation on that day when Big T and I were shopping at Target and decided that the girls needed these sport-pants. Well, actually it was more him than me - since he has more fashion savvy than I do. They were big and comfy - like sweats, but semi-waterproof and make that unmistakable "swish" when you walk...however, there was only one color available. He insisted - they needed them.

So we purchased one pair for each of our the same color. And, of course they became each girls' favorite article of clothing.


'Swishy Pants" are the perfect pants for playing in the snow. When Grouper couldn't find her pair of swishy pants, she just threw on the first available pair - and being the same ccolor - who would know? Until Orca found out that hers were being worn by her sister and a giant PANTS-FIGHT broke out.
I hope I never see the day when the teenage versions of these two are sweet on the same boy.
Finally, I guess they realized how much time they were wasting. someone compromised, and the two of them headed out to enjoy a
wintry-white no-school day... together.

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Nanny said...

what's up with all the snow? We're enjoying balmy 75 and climbing. Eat your heart out!