Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And He Grew

...and grew strong as a boy

must grow who does not know

that he is learning any lessons, and

who has nothing in the world to

think of except things to eat.

~Rudyard Kipling

I was just remembering a sweet experience that happened a few weeks ago. One that I made a mental note to write down, and then didn't. I was not feeling well and my son wanted me to do something with him. I think I might have had a headache or something. He responded by offering to give me a blessing. And so he did. I am so grateful to know that, at five, he has learned that he has the potential to offer wonderful priesthood blessings to those he loves.
He has learned this from his father's great example as well as from the hours spent at church each Sunday. Hours spent fidgeting, fussing, flopping, and yes, foraging for food.
I now had tangible proof that my husband and I have been doing something right. What a wonderful feeling when you realize that all of your hard work is actually making a difference!

Remembering these small moments gives me strength to keep plowing through those sluggish scripture sessions, frustrating Family Home Evenings, and sleepy Sunday mornings, when I get discouraged and feel like pulling the covers up over my head.
'Oh, remember my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth; yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.' ~Alma 37:35

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Amy said...

Sweet little boy. Just wait until you look at that boy growing up and he has body hair... !
I miss the lotion after bath tub time and the sweet smell of clean child skin. Mmmm, Johnson and Johnson lotion is the best...
Now I get doses of cologne with, "Can you smell me Mom? Is it too strong?"