Thursday, July 17, 2008

cracked up

"Okay, now tap it a little harder.

A little harder.

Good, now pull the sides apart.

Pull apart.

No, don't squeeze.

Don't squeeze it.

Ok. let go, I'll show you.

let go.

I said don't squeeze.

Here's a paper towel."
Ever wonder at what age a child can actually crack an egg by himself? Well, I can tell you right now it's NOT five! I'm wondering how many times my kitchen has heard this dialogue between me and one of my children over the years. I'm also wondering when 'eggsactly' was the last time I cracked an egg by myself. There's something magical to a young child about cracking an egg. Maybe it's the joy of being allowed to break something. Maybe there's the slightest chance that something different is inside there. I don't know.
For as long as I can remember, my kids have come running to the kitchen when they realize the egg carton is out of the fridge. Probably because it usually means cookie dough or cake batter is in the mixer since we don't generally eat a lot of eggs for meals. Maybe it's because "mom has to pick one of us over the rest to crack the egg, and it could be me, and this will prove once and for all that she loves me most." Hmm.
It took a while but finally I learned a few years ago to break eggs in a separate clear (or at least not white) bowl:
"Ok, now you can't pour it in yet.
Hold on, I have pick the shells out."

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