Thursday, July 31, 2008

Allergic to August

I don't know if it's the hot sticky weather, the slowly browning grass, the overload of "back-to-school" busyness, the staleness of my house after being overloaded with kids and various summer gear for 3 straight months, or the lethargic looking flowers that haven't already pooped out, but my body (and mind) have decided that I am DEFINITELY allergic to August.

The month seeped into my life bringing with it my third headcold of the summer - a doozy, which promptly morphed into a sinus infection of epic proportions. I think that triggered an acute allergic reaction to all places air conditioned.

It seemes that my system has finally said "enough!" to whatever is blowing through the air conditioning vents in my house, car, or any other public building. Maybe it's the chemical freon that cools the air or some microscopic thing growing inside the airvents at this time of year, I don't know. All I know, is that I'm fine outdoors, but indoors, I just can't breathe.

that's not so great when it's 98 degrees and

oh, about 81% humidity

So now you know, not wanting to stay home and clean house is only part of the reason I'm at the pool so much!!!

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