Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hello Jack

So, I just want to send a big thanks to my niece Kylea and her new husband Eric for introducing me to the music of Jack Johnson. They just started their own blog, "Better Together" (so cute)- in which they promise to chronical newlywed life - I can't wait to read all about their adventures...

Anyway, their blog "Better Together" sports the same title of a song by Jack Johnson and they have the song playing on their playlist. I had never heard it (or of him) before but I fell instantly in love... I don't usually have much reaction to music. I can generally take it or leave it. I own very few CD's. Even in high school there was very little that moved me. When my friends had multiple layers of posters on their walls portraying the latest and greatest MTV heartthrobs, I stuck with my one-and-only, Sting. Finally he (and his brooding) started to get on my nerves. Now his songs all transport me back to those horrible years of teenage angst....ugh.

It's rare, but occasionally I'll hear a song or a particular artist that just speaks to me, and I tend to fall hard. Now, I'm odd when it comes to music and my taste (with the exception of Mr. Sumner) has never been mainstream. I remember trying in vain to find anything by Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole while living in Utah, and the blank looks of Borders employees when I asked for a choral version of Pachelbel's Canon that I'd heard (turned out to be the boys' group Libera, which is AMAZING).

Now, I was surprised to find out that Jack Johnson has 4 albums (do they still call them that?) and is on 6 soundtracks and about 32 music compilations, and the only song I had ever heard of his before was something with a weird title and weirder lyrics: Bubble Toes(?) ..."her feet are infested with tarballs"(?) ... uh, yeah. I was not surprised the trip down Target's CD aisle was fruitless.

But what I heard on Ky and Eric's blog, I liked, alot. So, rather than look like a total idiot and continually log on to their page just to listen to their favorite songs, I went on a quest, and figured out how to make a playlist of my own and added the neat little gatchet here. I'm sure I'm showing my age here - it took me all afternoon to figure the thing out.

I'm sure that I'm my own most frequent visitor.

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Amy said...

You are funny! I love that music too. Occasionally, I have come to love music that my kids enjoy - sometimes I get stuck on the "oldies" station and never venture out. I clicked on Kylea and Eric's blog and would minimize it and just keep repeating the music.