Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The great thing about having extra cucumbers around the kitchen is finding fun new things to do with them beyond the salad! So the other day I whipped up a batch of Gazpacho! I'd never made it before but decided to give it a shot. The whole thing took me about 20 minutes and I just used what I had - no special peppers or anything, and canned tomatoes! It actually turned out pretty good - Probably wouldn't impress Martha Stewart or anything, but I don't see myself inviting her over for lunch anytime soon.
Soup or Salsa? I guess I'm just not used to eating cold chunky soups, because, even without any peppers whatsoever, I couldn't resist eating this by scooping it up on a tortilla chip. Oh well, whatever works!

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Amy said...

That looks good, post your recipe!