Saturday, July 19, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me cownt the ways

How to brighten up an otherwise mundane evening

a little facepaint, a lot of chicken, a dancing cow

I had been in a funk the last few days thinking about big changes coming up for two of the great loves of my life. My sweetheart girl is starting middle school. I was just thinking about how she called herself "Fifi" when she was just two and couldn't pronounce her name. Middle school?

Then there's Halibut, my shadow for the past five years, going off to kindergarten. How many trips to the park, how many stops at 'bageltown' (panera), how many extra things in my grocery cart? Wish I'd counted them now. Wish I'd thought less about how much I wasn't getting done.

They are growing up so fast - and yet, tonight they still love facepaint. They still laugh at the dancing cow and take a balloon. Their eyes still light up when we announce "next stop, Locopops". What a relief!
There's still lots more kid inside each one.

Tonight has been good. I feel so much better, ...for now.

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