Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fruits of His Labors

Well, it finally happened. Tonight my dear husband was not just happy, but thrilled to be eating beans (and only beans) for dinner. Normally I would never consider such a thing - the very mention of a "meatless" meal would have serious consquences (the sighs, the forlorn expression, the droopy posture, you get the idea).

But these were not just beans. Oh, no, they, along with the perfect cucumber, are his 'first harvest" of 2008!
And let me tell you, this event is no 'small potatoes' :) - these babies were started from seed way back in March. No cheating by planting store-bought plants! Big T got the brilliant idea of warming up the soil of the seed trays by placing them on a heating pad. I had countertops full of teeny green sprouts in my kitchen for two months until after the first frost.
And this is his garden, start to finish. I'm not big on vegetable gardening. Could be because I was sent out to gather tomatoes as a clumsy 13 year old and stumbled, tearing the stitches in my knee that I had acquired at camp. That's the memory I have when I smell that tomato-plant smell. And did I mention that I've never canned a thing? ...Not yet anyway.

Watching my husband putter in his garden until after dark is all very entertaining to me because, until recently, I had not realized that I had married a farmer. Here I thought I'd caught an accountant! Apparently it's in his genes - at least a few generations of Fishers have been farmers. It's neat the way it seems to be so natural to him.

So what goes into growing such a perfect first harvest? Well,...

a lot of time
a lot of water
a lot of sun
a lot of string
a lot of bamboo
a lot of deer repellant
a lot of prayers,
a lot of waiting,
and a whole lotta love!


Gina said...

Oh, how wonderful!!! Your garden looks gorgeous and I would be so excited about it. That's actually the #1 thing I look forward to about moving out of Baity Hill and into a home...I just want a garden so bad! Good luck canning...I did my first canning extravaganza last year with tons of tomatoes, salsa, and a few other things. I was surprised that I really enjoyed canning...and the fruits of my labors have been even more enjoyed throughout this past year. Anyway, what a cool garden!

Gina said... more thing. Has the human hair worked well as deer repellent?

Nannie Neon said...

The garden is very impressive. It looks like you're going to have tomatoes for days. Are you located in an area where you can stick your kids along the road selling produce??? Just a thought. Maybe they could fence some poached frozen deer meat as well. I do have an excellent tomato soup recipe if you're interested. As I'm sure you know I'm not too proficient in the canning area so if it turns out that you excell in the preserved food catagory it's for sure you didn't inheret it!

I've also heard that those antimated, blow-up Christmas decorations work well to keep the deer at bay. Would your neighbors wonder why you're decorating your garden for Christmas? Huum, they may stay away in stead of the deer.