Thursday, July 10, 2008


A litttle while ago I wrote that I had never canned anything. Well, I'm learning never to say "never"!
We went up to the Fisher's in King, NC for the 4th of July weekend and they had gone up to Virginia and bought a bushel of apples. I didn't even know apples were ripe yet - always associated them with fall. Anyway, we all had a good time making applesauce with them.
About 3/4 of the way through, it started raining.
The kids loved wearing Grandma's aprons.
My mother in law is a veteran canner andknows all the rules and tricks by heart. So she is a great teacher. The whole process went very smoothly and faster than I thought it would. Unfortunately I wasn't able get a photo of her in her cute 4th of July apron.

It's amazing to watch your kids find joy in work. This is always easier when the task is something new and interesting.

It's especially easy to find smiles when the work will most likely be followed by one of Grandpa's famous ice-cream trips!

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well for most of the time and pooped out midway. I couldn't resist taking a few photos, though.
Thankfully we had a couple of hardworkers who volunteered to do the clean-up part. I think we used every big bowl and pan in the house! They deserve a second scoop! Not bad for a Saturday morning's work!

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Amy said...

The applesauce looks very tasty! We went to the Fisher's (Howard and Colleen) raspberry patch and picked some yummy berries yesterday. It is quite the patch, you could get lost in it.