Monday, July 28, 2008

'Til We 'Meet' Again

It has been a week since I survived eight hours at the Koury (arriving at 6:45 am) watching my champs swim their hearts out.

Early birds!

The Calm before the Storm

"Swimmers Take Your Mark"

It was a really close (and fierce!) competition!

Exhausting, emotionally draining

for all involved (especially me) .....

We're generally not a sports-minded family. Take-em or leave-em

Then why did my eyes mist over (more than once)? Why did my chest feel so on fire???
(this is just a sporting event, for crying out loud!)

Eeew, that's a lot of wet kids and towels....

It's different when you're watching your own little girls,

and you've been there for

every hour of practice,

every swim meet leading up to this day,

watched as the fractions of a second

were shaved off over time, seen the

lights in their eyes

when awarded their ribbons
or just being part of the team

I just realized that it will be a whole year before I hear this again:

(Push Play)
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Soul, Satisfaction, give me some of that action!

Shakee GO GO, Shakee GO GO

So long (coach) Kevin, we'll miss you

Until we 'meet' again...

1 comment:

Amy said...

This looked like an exciting day! There are always mixed feelings to ending something that has been a part of everyday life for so long. I am thinking of sending Haylie out to visit the grandparents before school starts again. I will let you know if and when.